Please answer these questions about yourself.

    *Please note, the form, transaction/payment details and attachments should come in ONE SINGLE EMAIL. *A non-refundable registration fee of GBP 90 is payable to register for the pageant. The amount can be paid using the following bank details. Sort code- 778502 Account no- 49710468. *We request you to email us the following along with this form: *Age proof, Passport copy, Proof of residency, and Marriage Certificate (if applicable). *Please note all pages must be dated and signed by you. * Beware, we do not have any other representative to undertake such roles unless expressly authorised. *Mrs Asia GB/Miss India United Kingdom/Mrs Asia India is the sole property of Rose MAROK and AGLP Enterprises Ltd. *We undergo a fair process of evaluation on the basis of various parameters such as talent, communication skills, leadership qualities, personal background, the potential for International representation etc. *There will be relevant information shared from time to time from the audition till the grand finale with regards to the pageant for short-listed finalists post-completion of the audition process. Beware, We do not have any other representative to undertake such roles unless expressly authorised. The general criteria, terms and conditions for the pageant are as under: 1. Proof of Age / ID proof is a compulsory requirement. 2. All the personal particulars of the applicant / potential contestant will be shared with judges, mentors, and sponsors and the applicant / potential contestant agrees with the Pageant Organiser to give complete rights for usage of these personal particulars. (by signing this form you are giving us full consent to share your data with the mentioned parties above). 3. The contestant understands that she will be contracted to and represent AGLP Enterprises ltd (Organiser) from the date upon being selected for the pageant as a contestant and will represent the associated pageants at the National or International Level thereof marked by the selection. If selected as a finalist, she must attend and compete with other Pageant finalists at the National and International Levels. 4. The applicant / potential contestant must fit the pre-requisites of the contest they enter as stated by AGLP Enterprises Ltd. 5. The applicant / potential contestant shall make a full and honest disclosure of particulars as requested by the management to AGLP Enterprises Ltd and its associated partners. (* Any misrepresentation of any facts or particulars shall result in immediate disqualification.) 6. The contestant confirms that she has not been charged or convicted in any court of law in any country and that she is not a fugitive nor is she wanted by any law enforcement agency. 7. The applicant / potential contestant will be judged on the basis of talent, communication skills, proportion, poise, overall personality, personal commitments, leadership qualities, personal background, the potential for International representation etc. 8. The applicant / potential contestant shall not, without the prior written approval of AGLP Enterprises Ltd, speak to the press or any other media nor give any interviews or comments relating to the pageant or share any sensitive information related to the Pageant or Organisers or Partners or Sponsors. 9. The costs involved, the entire schedule of the Pageant and National & International opportunities with regard to the pageant will be disclosed from time to time upon selection as a Pageant contestant / Finalist. AGLP Enterprises Ltd conducts pageants in a fair and transparent way and this process is applicable only to contestants/finalists and serious applicants. 10. The applicant / potential contestant is responsible for her own transportation to and from the contest venue throughout the duration of the pageant. 11. The registration cost is non-refundable and the Pageant Organisers will not entertain any request on any ground whatsoever to refund the same if the applicant or potential contestant is not chosen as one of the contestants/finalists for Mrs Asia GB/Miss India United Kingdom/Mrs Asia India. * (If selected as a finalist there will be further fees charged to contestants towards the training, which is non-refundable. Candidates are required to understand that once selected as a finalist and amount paid it will not be refunded) 12. The decision of the Pageant Organisers / Judges / Mentors / Partners / Sponsors are final and shall not be disputed by the applicant/contestant. The Pageant Organisers reserve all rights at their sole discretion to select the Pageant finalists/contestants from the potential applicants based on their own evaluation criteria. The Pageant Organisers will not entertain any request or communication to disclose the evaluation process or reasons for the selection or rejection of any applicant. 13. The Pageant organisers and panel of judges have the liberty to replace any potential contestant/finalist with any other entry of their choice for further process in event of disqualification or release from participation. 14. All the photographs/pictures/videos taken would be used for publicity purposes and the applicant / potential contestant agrees to the same. Any concerns/queries can be raised with the organiser in writing. 15. Submission of application to participate in our pageants by any applicant / potential contestant will in no way establish any consumer relations or employee relations or service provider relations with the Pageant Organisers / Judges / Mentors / Partners / Sponsors etc. 16. The applicant / potential contestant indemnifies our pageants /AGLP Enterprises Ltd/the Licensee /the Promoter/any person associated with them/its all related/affiliated companies/sponsors/judges/mentors/employees against any losses, damages, claims arising out of breach of any of the terms and conditions. 17. The applicant / potential contestant or any of their related party (including but not limited to spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, and relatives)will not slander or libel other contestants, judges, Pageant, Organisers, sponsors, promoters or other stakeholders. Defamatory verbal and/or written remarks against Mrs Asia GB or Miss India United Kingdom or Mrs Asia India or AGLP Enterprises Ltd or the Licensee or the Promoter or any person associated with them on any platform will result in immediate disqualification and legal action. 18. In addition to the terms and conditions specified above, the applicant / potential contestant, upon being selected as a contestant / Finalist for our pageants, would be required to enter into further agreements with the Pageant Organisers or Partners or Sponsors at various stages to protect the interests of various stakeholders. All these terms and conditions and agreements shall be read in conjunction and will be binding on the applicant / potential contestant/contestant / Finalist. 19. As part of the terms and conditions of registration, you give AGLP Enterprises ltd full permission to collect, retain and process information about you, including your age, sex, ethnic origin and contact information. You also give permission to be photographed and filmed during the registration and audition process. This information will be used so that we can monitor our compliance with the law and best practice in terms of equal opportunity and non-discrimination and exercise, administer or perform any right or obligation in connection with our registration. The information, we hold, will be checked with you from time to time to ensure that it remains up to date. You agree to keep us informed of any changes to your personal data and to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. (*by signing this agreement you also agree that as a finalist you will not be held the management of this pageant liable in any other jurisdictions. You fully understand this agreement is signed under the above law).

    *Copyrights reserved for auditions and competitions. The Pageant Organisers or Partners Sponsors are not liable to reimburse the applicant / potential contestant for any travel or transportation costs or any claims whatsoever.
    Registration Fees : 90(£)