Our Trainings & Groomings

Why our Pageants ?

Unlike other pageants , we advocate strongly on our non conventional pageants. We strongly believe every individual has hidden qualities to transform their and others lives.

Our platform has some amazing trainings and grooming sessions to help you to rediscover yourself.

We train all our finalists starting from the
  • Basic personality development skills
  • communication,
  • social graces, tips
  • diet and nutrition

After getting excellent training in the above -mentioned grounds, one can easily notice the changes they've gone through.

Advanced training begins

The shaping of a normal person into an amazing persona. It doesn’t stop here

The core pageant training includes:
  • Catwalk training
  • Power dressing,
  • Mike utility,
  • Preparation for Q & A round,
  • Dress rehearsal, Ramp walk rehearsals and so on.

When you train for pageants, the basics combined with advanced courses make you capable of facing tough competition with the utmost brilliance.

We at AGLP and our pageants with world-class, renowned, international trainers, groomers and mentors create world-class leaders.

Come and join us to experience this life-changing journey.