Non Conventional Pageant

Non-Traditional Pageant Victories Encourage, Inspire and Empower Everyday Women.

There are millions of beauty pageants, the word beauty comes with lots of hindrance in women’s minds, women feel out of place because of their background and personality.

Though they may have the qualities to change the world, such as leadership, and communication skills but the typical requisite stops lot of women from entering the pageantry.. That’s where we come in the picture to fill the gap and give every capable woman who has dreamt of becoming a pageant queen.

We promote the inner beauty where women wanted to be themselves who may not fit into the pageant stereotype.

Through our platform, we are creating community queens highlighting toward achieving social and economic equality through their service who are able to prepare and bring more representation to pageantry.

We want to create a mark that is irrelevant to what shape size height colour or background you come from, our queens to be an inspiration for people who may not have fit the “ideal” stereotype of what a pageant person looked like, Who can live some life and still be a positive role model.

We want to encourage and empower women, and let them know that you can be a mom or a divorcee, you can have a career, can serve your community and still have a story to tell through pageantry.

When we limit people to boxes and criteria, especially when you look at the images of these young and beautiful women, they just don’t look like the rest of society but our queens do.

With our non-traditional /conventional pageants, there is space for anyone to participate and compete, especially ones that can align with personal goals and community engagement. to give an opportunity to introduce pageantry to the community in an authentic way.

Because we are not glam pageants having typically lined up pageantry sponsorship is not possible for us that’s why we need people who understand our mission and vision and support us in the form of donations, or sponsorships to help promote our pageant.