Shallu is a fitness coach and has been working out for 10 years.

During the pandemic, she helped over 300 women kick-start their fitness journey through free classes. She got hit by knee arthritis in her early 30s, and that's when she realised that looking after our health is very important.

In 2021, she founded Fitbelle, a holistic and sustainable fitness program that fits into people’s lifestyles. Through Fitbelle, she is inspiring a tribe of women to achieve their fitness goals and spreading awareness about various health issues. She is constantly striving to be a better coach, and her mission is accomplished when her clients transform their lives and outlook on health. /p>

She has won the SHE award in the health and fitness category, the IIW She Inspires award for a remarkable mentor, Woman of Wonder Award, and has hosted a fitness show on TV, Sky channel 737 for 6 months.

She sees her journey as only just beginning and is always choosing to become a better version of herself, show up for her tribe, and keep learning.