Shubhangi Mitra

Mrs United Kingdom Classic Universe

It’s never too late for a new beginning in your life.

BORN, DIED and REBORN IN THE SAME LIFE is a quote that sums up Shubhangi’s life. 

She was born in a small village in Maharashtra, India to middle class parents with orthodox values. She was poised to live a very typical life, her education was her passport to shine on the global map. Married to Kaustav, a banking professional, in a traditional Bengali family, and now settled in London for the last 18 years.

After exploring a career in the financial services and banking industry, she studied to become a lawyer. Passionate about law,  she turned it into her full time profession. At the peak of her legal career as a business woman, she met with an accident which turned her world upside down. 

She is a “PTSD and SKIN CANCER SURVIVOR” She joined a domestic pageant under AGLP to overcome her scarred , skin grafted body image and to raise awareness on mental health issues. 

With the pageantry platform, their training & groomings she rediscovered herself. She calls herself the scarred pageantry queen. 

After her win in the prestigious international pageant Mrs United Kingdom classic universe , she has started her charity foundation MRFA. She has won many national/ international awards, to name a few ‘woman icon of the year’, ‘business woman of the year’, featured on the cover page and selected as one of the 99 woman achievers of india,beautiful survivor award, ambassador for peace by united nations affiliated organization in U.K.Shubhangi Mitra holds various honorary advisory positions on various NGOs, Charity foundations and institutions worldwide.

 Shubhangi proudly says Prior to pageant shubhangi was playing a mere  role of lawyer, an entrepreneur and businesswoman , with transformed shubhangi  now she plays various roles as mental health advocate, woman empowerment activist, 2 times TEDx Speakers, founder of charity foundation. The list is exhausting.