Atika Sharma

Regional Director- SCOTLAND

She is our regional director for Scotland.

Atika will be our main contact for Scotland registrations and collaborations. pls get in touch with her.

In her words

I am a spiritual person, with a very focused and positive attitude towards life. I am a self-made woman and my journey from a small city in India to London and then Scotland, it has made me more resilient, stronger and always ready to take on a new challenge.

I am a qualified Physiotherapist by profession. Currently working with the Adult Learning disability team with National health services. After 7 years of clinical practice, it just seemed the most natural path for me to take to care for people however more inclined towards Asian females because I could understand their cultural background.

The opportunity came through Mrs INDIA UK this platform gave me exposure, bagging awards like Second runners, Mrs Photogenic, and Mrs fitness. After my win, it became a pathway to encourage young girls/women to dream big, to work hard to fulfil them on their own merits and not be deterred or discouraged by gender or societal inequality.

My thoughts about pageantry were different until I entered this journey in 2020. It gave me more confidence to accept the indifferences, and look deep inside myself to find the vision and purpose in life.

At a community level, have been involved in many things but active ones are- Regional director with AGLP Enterprise for Mrs Asia GB and Miss INDIA UK

At a personal level, I am a fitness freak who likes to explore and learn new skills, hence a jack of many trades and master of none. Likes doing gardening- an active member of a community garden called G3 growers, art & crafts such as knitting, crochet, and pottery. Also, adventurous, very sporty, and passionate about driving and travelling to new places to explore new cultures, fashion, food and meet the most interesting places and their people.

I have travelled to 10 countries and can’t wait to visit many more.